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The Andy Clarke

CategoryBusiness Coaching
NameAndy Clarke
Phone07966 232377
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AddressQuesteds, 76 Canterbury Road
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Development & Business Coaching

I have worked in the traditional owner managed business for many years and since my business sale in 2008 have focused on multiple revenue streams. Property rentals, Tech network marketing, Hospitality through Airbnb and Business Coaching.

My main focus has always been working with people and helping them achieve their goals and aspirations, generally planning their career growth path.

In 2009 I qualified as a personal trainer and more recently completed the first year of personal counselling to assist in the understanding of psychology of individuals.

The Andy Clarke brand has been created to deliver blended course over 12 months to grow as a person, focus on your personal and business goals whilst changing and enhancing your mindset.

2 hour taster sessions run in March / April and May 2020 with the course starting in June 2020 through to May 2021.

  • Belief - Business Growth - Strategy
  • Time & Task Management - Standing Out/Differentiator
  • Marketing - Sales - Money
  • Operations - Cash Flow / Revenue Stream
  • Service - Systems

Being accountable each month, with progressive coaching and development is an effective way of growing yourself, learning and developing new skills and implementing them into your business in a strategic way.

The target outcomes are to increase your net profit, free up more personal time for you as a business owner, to progressively remove stress and pressure from your business and lives in genera.

During the course there will be additional tasks and work outside of the 1 day's on site development training, all designed to keep you focused and accountable to yourself, the group and your business goals.