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SGS Energy

We are a one stop renewable energy shop. We supply and install solar PV, Battery storage, electric car chargers, MVHR units, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and domestic scale wind turbines.

We have been operating over ten years and have extensive knowledge on renewable energies to benefit your home, your carbon footprint and your wallet.


  • Energy consultation
  • Energy studies
  • Solar PV and Air source heat pump design
  • Solar PV Supply and installation
  • Home and business energy storage solutions (heat and electrical storage batteries)
  • Mechanical ventilation and heat recovery units (MVHR)
  • Air and ground source heat pumps
  • Underfloor heating design and installation

    CategorySolar Energy
    NameNeil Skelton
    Phone01227 913398
    Address140 Maple Leaf
    Manston Business Park
    CT12 5GY