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Social Enterprise Kent

Since 1985, Social Enterprise Kent has been supporting communities, individuals and businesses to shape a better tomorrow.

We work in partnership with our whole community to build the skills and relationships needed to create positive lasting social change.

Social Enterprise Kent is a community interest company, which means that all of our operational activities are guided by a commitment to maximising our positive social impact for our target market - the people, communities and businesses across Kent.

As a social enterprise, we commit each year to monitoring our business performance in order to exceed our operational and financial objectives, but we place equal importance on making a tangible social difference.

Put simply, we are a successful, ethical business dedicated to shaping a better tomorrow by building stronger communities. By browsing our website, our socials and meeting our wonderful team, you'll learn about everything we do and see all the direct impact we have.

We are driven to innovate in the creation, organisation, and management of social enterprises and small businesses, continuously seeking sustainable solutions.

Our commitment to inclusivity means we leave no one behind. We work tirelessly to bridge gaps and create opportunities for all.

We are catalysts for positive change, supporting the regeneration of deprived areas in Kent through job creation, skills development and other programmes. We put communities at the core of everything we do. Our actions are guided by a deep respect for the unique strengths and needs of each community we serve.

  • Training
  • Business Consultancy and Support
  • Social Supermarket - SE Kitchen
  • Cost of Living Support
  • Health Prevention & Health Equalities
  • Universal Wellbeing
CategorySocial Enterprise
NameSocial Enterprise Kent
Phone01843 210005
Twitter / X@socentkent
Address63-65 High Street