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HB Utilities

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HB Utilities is a business designed to help residential and business customers to get the best of their energy, telecoms and mobile SIM packages.

Hal Boddington has had a wide range of experience having worked in Accountancy, Financial Services, Leisure Advertising, Print Consumables and equipment and as Managing Director of two previous companies specializing in Large Format Print and Exhibition display systems as well as specialist 3D Lenticular image products.

In addition experience with various motor racing businesses including, Aston Martin Racing, Toyota Gazoo Racing, McClaren F1 with over 10 years experience in motor racing merchandising in particular WEC and Le Mans.

This experience lends itself to promotion of an ethical approach to utility provision and sourcing for business especially having been on the receiving end of suppliers over the years.

Residential - Package promotion of Electricity and or Gas supply, Telephone Landline and Fibre Broadband, Mobile phone devices and SIM packages. By combining these services customers are able to make significant savings whilst receiving top brand customer service.

Business- Like residential a service providing package promotion of Electricity and or Gas supply, Telephone Landline and Fibre Broadband, Mobile phone devices and SIM packages. In particular for businesses needing advanced telecoms, a reliable broadband connection and mobile coverage customers can enjoy award winning service.

In addition working with a national Premier Energy Broker of 20 years, HB Utilities are able to assist small to large businesses with full market access to obtain bespoke energy tariffs especially for multi-premises clients, contract determination up to 2 years in advance of current contract terms (thereby obtaining current lower energy prices today for future contract end dates.), communal energy provision for landlords, along with a personally assigned broker.

All potential customers benefit from an initial free audit of current providers and usage with appropriate recommendations for future utility provision.

All services are provided free of charge with all arrangements funded from suppliers without impeding customers costs. This is a no obligation service prior to signed contracts so customers have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Phone
  • Broadband
  • Mobile Phone
  • Money off your shopping bills with our unique cashback card
NameHal Boddington
Phone07552 226604
Address77 Prince Charles Road
CT10 3HH

Customer Testimonials

We cannot recommend Hal More Highly

Hal Boddington of HB Utilities has been a very professional assistant in helping our business get better value for our mobile phone and broadband service.

The business was spending between £250 and £500 per month on telecoms services with our previous providers. Through evaluation of our services we were able to identify large amounts of costs that were not legitimate charges to the business.

By restructuring the companies 4 mobile phones and broadband/Landline packages our costs have dropped dramatically to less than £120 per month at most.

Having spent annually around £4000+ per year on our telecoms and reducing this to @£1500 per year is an amazing saving to obtain. Since we run an international business moving static home units all over the world, having effective communications is very important to our business.

We cannot recommend Hal more highly. Thank-you for your ongoing support for our business.

Mr Peter Preidel, Sandwich Statics Limited